Knee Socks

SoftMed socks are not only effective for combating varicose veins, but also look elegant and attractive. Their knee-high look is completely natural and similar to nylon stockings. This fact makes them a favourite of women who like to wear dresses and skirts. Such kind of compression hosiery is good at supporting a healthy condition of veins. This hosiery also gives a person who wears it the lightness of walking. SoftMed socks are perfect for summer due to their length and breathable material used. They are available in two colours and three compression classes. Also, you can purchase SoftMed socks knee-high with closed or open toe, according to your preferences. Please note that the edges of the stocking must be 15-20 cm higher than a problem spot, so if the varicose veins are in the knee area, such kind of socks don’t fit.


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